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Family  Glass Panel

Family Glass Panel
This panel measures 20" wide by 16" in height.
Owner: S. Bryan

Geo Lady Glass Panel

Geo Lady Glass Panel
This is a round panel
that measures 14 inches across.
Owner: L. Banks

Bird Cage Panel

Bird Cage Glass Panel
This panel measures 16 inches by 12 inches.
Owner: P. Harris

Abstract Window Panel

Abstract Window Panel
This panel measures 44 inches by 23 inches wide.
Owner: D. Joy

Anapa Peaceful Spirit

Anapa Peaceful Spirit
This suncatcher measures 7 inches by 11 inches tall..
Owner: Ms. Anapa

Sepia Butterfly Stained Glass

Sepia Butterfly
Delicate and fragile the butterfly flutters
through the air. This butterfly was created as
a company's three dimensional logo.
Measures approximately 6 ½" high x 4" wide
with a 4" long body.
Owner: N. Fardan

Rainbow Box Stained Glass

Rainbow Box
Artistically designed for a private client,
the Affirmation Card box was made to the
client's specific dimensions and colors.
Measures 3 ½" x 3 ½" x 2 ½".
Owner: P. Banks

Sunny Blues 1 Glass Panel

Sunny Blues 2 Glass Panel

Sunny Blues Glass Panels
The purchaser of the Sunny Blues
Panels wanted three of the four
highest of the seven Chakras or
energy centers in the body.
Measures 8 ½ " x 13 ½".
Owner: P. Banks


The lively colors of Bouquet was
made as a special gift for a hard to
shop for person.
Needless to say, he loved it!
She measures 4 ½" x 11".
Owner: W. Black

Mystic Fire

Mystic Fire Gentleman
This was a custom made Peaceful Spirit.
He measures 7" x 11 ½".
Owner: J. Littles

Regal Gentleman

Regal Gentleman
This was a custom made Peaceful Spirit.
He measures 7" x 11 ½".
Owner: L. Brown

Noble Gentleman

Noble Gentleman
This was a custom made Peaceful Spirit.
He measures 7" x 11 ½".
Owner: F. Pride

Seeking Justice and Knowledge

Seeking Justice
and Knowledge

This piece was donated to be auctioned at
Howard University's Public Interest Law Society
auction held on March 30, 2006.

The purpose of the auction was to raise money
for students to volunteer at public interest
organizations without any financial burden.


Here is my version of Kokopelli
made in the colors specified by A. Kearney.
The panel measures 18" x 14". Many thanks
for giving me this challenge. I enjoyed it.
Owner: A. Kearney

Moon and Ancors

Moon and Anchors
Moon and anchors was a special Father's Day gift
from a very special son.
It measures 11" x 14".
Owner: B. Kerkvliet

Sugar Holder

Sugar Holder
Functional, delicate and appealing.
Measures 4" wide, 1 1/8" deep and 1" high.
Owner: C. Muholland

Tulip Stained Glass Panel

Tulip Panel
Nothing says Spring like the blooms
of Tulips.
Measures 11" x 10 ½".
Owner: M. Rey

Living Legecy Award 1

Living Legend Awards 2

Living Legend Awards
The awards were created using the Peaceful Spirits.
Metal Stained Glass Panels stands were used decorativly
and the names of the recipients were etched into a beveled glass plaques
that were attached to the metal frame.
Overall measurement 15" x 10 ½".

Heritage Pin

Heritage Pin
A beautifully crafted
pin used to adorn apparel.
Measures 2 ½" x 2".
Owner: J. Green

Bob Marley Pendant

Bob Marley Pendant
A Bob Marley
keepsake that will last a lifetime.
Measures 1 ½" x 1 ½".
Owner: M. McGhee

Budda Stained Glass Panel

Budda Stained Glass Panel
Buddism teaches to be free from problems
we must learn to control our mind.
Measures 10" x 10".
Owner: M. Insley

4 Angels

4 Angel Ornaments
Made as Christmas Tree ornaments.
Measures 3 ½" x 2".
Owner: K. Spence

The Swan Stained Glass Panel

The Swan Panel
The swan sits serenely on the water
in the warming rays of the sun.
Measures 11 ½" x 10".
Owner: M. Rey

Cat Business Card Holder

Cat Business Card Holder
The cat business card holder measures 4 ½" high,
4" wide and 1 ½" deep.
Owner: M. Leckron

Glass and Crystal Set

Glass and Crystal Jewelry Set
The earrings measure ¾" wide by 1",
the pendant measures ¾" wide by 1"
with a silver snake chain and the bracelet is
7 ½" long with a stering silver chain.
Owner: J. Fuller

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